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After almost 300 weddings in 5+years, I’ve realised that I MOSTLY LOVE non-Traditional Weddings. Well, mostly non-traditional. Anything that’s in a Marquee, a Winery, Private Property, inner CBD or a Beach setting. Basically anything that’s not in a church and at a reception venue in the ‘burbs.


When I get asked how do I describe what my style of wedding photography is, my response is Combining candid and fun coverage with the addition of beautiful lighting, all done in a chilled way. There’s a fixed schedule to stick to, but there’s no reason why it still can’t be fun.

What is hybrid photos + Videos?

2 years ago, I started toying with the idea of combining Photos and Video side by side. Yes, One hand is recording video at the very same time my other hand is shooting photos. Sometimes with a seperate photographer and videographer as is the usual case, there is frequently a repetitive nature in getting the optimum position. So having one person shooting both is ideal for my couples. Get those shots and move on. It keeps the flow consistent and once you’ve built your relationship with me, there’s no one else to intrude to make it weird and forced.

More than slideshow, but not an 8 hour marathon either

Many of my couples that hire me to shoot hybrid want something more than a slideshow of photos but don’t want full videography of a 30 minute ceremony, 1 hour of speeches, which can sometimes include a full 2-3 team of video guys, plus your photographer can be overwhelming.

I create a highlights video including either vows (for uniquely written vows) or speeches. These are then added to footage shot on the day with a mix of normal footage, detail footage and drone videos.

The highlight video below is a combination of highlight videos I’ve shot over the past 12 months. Alongside photos, and with the right licensed music sometimes looks like a clip from a 4-5 person crew, 2 photographers, 2 videographers and a drone pilot.

I invest a lot of time with my couples in the lead up to their big day, so I ask what’s important to them? Is it certain music, certain people on your day, is it a particular item you’ve included? What’s going to make you look back on your first anniversary and say, I’m so happy with how we planned out our day to include A,B & C because it’s a true reflection of us as a couple and we had the absolute best day possible...

I hope you enjoy something that I’m super passionate about!!!!!

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If you have secured date for your wedding and want relaxed but awesome, fun wedding photos and video, please enquire below and I’ll get in touch with you ASAP.

Thanks Mark



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