The content in this document is to provide you the client, CLARISSE WEDDINGS, satisfaction that we , Clarisse Photography, will conduct our business in a fair, honest and appropriate manner. We also understand that at times client &/or business expectations are not always aligned, so we believe that this document will avoid any miscommunication or expectations on both ends. 


From time to time, we share our latest work online in social media as a form of our marketing strategy. As our website is our home to showcase our style of work, we use the following accounts with various images from most of our shoots to market the images that appear on our website: 

Facebook Business Page | Facebook Personal pages | Twitter Account | Instagram | Google+ | Tumblr | Flickr | Pinterest

Please respond via email to this document asap in writing if you do not give C L A R I S S E PHOTOGRAPHY permission to share and tag you in our online media marketing and on our website. 

At Clarisse Photography, we have always believed in the use of real people rather than models on our website, promotional advertisements and in our marketing both online and in print media. As a client of Clarisse Photography, we always like to keep our portfolio up to date with our most recent work and with your permission would like to use images from your shoot with us if and when the opportunity arises. 

Whilst we use images from your shoot with Clarisse Photography for our own promotional purposes, we do not however give out your details or contact information to any third party or external business without your prior consent. 

If our images are used in 3rd party medium, we will do our best to contact you to advise you of the upcoming feature. As sign-off for print media is very narrow, timelines for print submissions are frequently 3 to 4 months prior to the in store available dates. 


Clarisse Photography provide copyright release and ownership of images taken and free usage of all imagery from this particular shoot to THE CLIENT


We will do our utmost best to inform you of any 3rd party activity as soon as we receive confirmation and ask the same in return, if applicable, 


In the unlikely event that the photographer is injured or becomes too ill, or has an extreme emergency that prevents him/her from photographing the event, C L A R I S S E Photography will make every effort to provide a back up photographer of equal standard. If for whatever reason this is not possible, responsibility and liability is limited to the return of all payments received for the service purchased.
C L A R I S S E Photography takes the utmost care with respect to exposure, transportation, and processing the photographs. However, in the unlikely event that photographs have been lost, stolen, or destroyed for reasons within or beyond C L A R I S S E Photography's control, C L A R I S S E Photography’s liability is limited to the return of all payments received for the chosen service within 90 days of the intended booking/ event date. 


The invoice emailed to THE CLIENT, they are to provide guidelines to the inclusions for you the clients of Clarisse Photography to make an informed decision that you wish to commission us to photograph and provide professional photographic services for your event based on your supplied detail brief. 

Any changes to the booking detail is required to be communicated as early as possible so as to determine if we can continue to provide our services in consideration of our other commitment/s. If there is a change of date or overlap of functions on the same day, a substitute photographer will be sought from our contacts of experienced, professional & reputable photographers. 

Due to the number of weekly enquiries we receive, your deposit is the only way for us to determine your legitimacy in your booking us for your booking. Therefore, your non refundable deposit of 30-50% will need to be made within 7 days of your receipt of this document, or as otherwise agreed to ensure our fulfilment of this agreement or we may be forced to pursue other leads that fall on your booking date. 

We will confirm your deposit has been received once it clears in our nominated bank account. 

All deposits are non-refundable, however we are happy to reschedule once, to a time that is mutually suitable to both parties to the client and to CLARISSE PHOTOGRAPHY at no additional fee. Any further changes to dates after the first change will require a new deposit to be paid and the initial non-refundable deposit becomes non-transferrable.

Confirmation via text or email will be made 3-5 days prior to your booking to ensure the details in this document are still up to date. 

ALL pricing is subject to change without notice. Quote pricing is only valid for 7 days where your deposit must be made and received within this timeframe to attract the listed pricing. Once this is received, the pricing for Clarisse Photography to provide our services is locked in, unfortunately, 3rd party item pricing can fluctuate based on the prices as provided by our suppliers at the time of us sending out this quote. Final balance is required within 7 days of when images are supplied to you, the client or on the same date as the shoot depending on the event. The correct date has been detailed in the initial correspondence between you, the client and Clarisse Photography. Signing of this contract binds you, the client to make payment as stipulated on your invoices.

We look forward to presenting you with your final images following your event.


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