On this page I discuss a few different topics to help couples looking to get married and looking to book a photographer or Videographer on how different styles and structure of the day are probably two of the most important aspects to having a the best wedding day possible.

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This page is comprised of a series of videos to help couples looking to put together the best wedding day they could ever possibly do without having done it before.

These videos cover styles, how to choose the photographer that best fits who you both are for your personalities. To different styles of photography and the process to get to the end product. To Top Tips from some of the best industry experts I’ve worked with.

As usual with this type of content, take what you wish to from it but if I can provide you with ideas and knowledge after these videos by helping you decide what best suits you both and your day.


Choosing between Wedding photographer styles



Here’s our series where we put forward our suggestions on making your wedding day the best day possible. We cover everything from the following wedding professionals:

  • Celebrants

  • Florists

  • Hair Dressers

  • Make Up Artists

  • Photographers

  • Stylists

  • and many, many others

Top Tips from Kelly Rossi Melbourne Celebrant